bal3dm3 improvements

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bal3dm3 improvements

Post by fau »

Some players complain that grated floors on bal3dm3 are opaque with high r_picmip setting and this puts them at big disadvantage on this map.
It's quite popular setting so I don't want to see it stopping people from picking the map in tournament.

Here is a pk3 with modified assets where these transparent shaders are given nopicmip keyword, so that it doesn't happen. Would be nice to have these changes somehow incorporated in next unfreeze package.

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Re: bal3dm3 improvements

Post by adminless »

yes, unfortunately I didn't have the time to test all the custom maps on the package with the provided hardcore settings as I did with the standard ones. sure, nice addition, I'll take it into account for a future edition. for the current edition I already added that password reset patch you had submitted. thanks for the input.