a note from a grumpy old man

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a note from a grumpy old man

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a note from a grumpy old man

I love Quake III UnFreeZe, the game and the servers, as well as our dedicated Administrator: Adminless

I like a lot of players here whether they are more or less good, but I am weary and tired of being pushed by players who spend their time spamming the lanes and certain places

For my part, I sometimes drop a rocket here or there but most of the time I wait to have a target in sight to shoot

and it is the same when I fight one or more enemies and a player of my team certainly thinking of doing well starts to shoot me in the back thinking to help me kill the enemies, except that he forgets that the we do not necessarily remain static and suddenly we find ourselves thrown into the midst of the melee and we end up frozen,

I would like these players to be a little more empathetic on the premise: don't do to others what you wouldn't like to be done to you ...

The games would be so much more enjoyable and likeable if these players paid more attention to others whether they were their friends or not just out of respect between players on the same server

Because of these behaviors I admit that I have less and less desire to play, hello, and thank you for your interest in this post

good game everyone
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Re: a note from a grumpy old man

Post by PacMan »

So basically your going to delete quake , I mean coming on live servers this is what happens