new localized custom maps server

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new localized custom maps server

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hello everybody

ok so after a while without server news here after I was reviewing current 2021 infrastructure in light of the last days of degraded connectivity at nbg2 (so far still apparently fixed btw) I came across a very interesting deal that I believe is worth give it a go. ok, so finally today I opened (at least by now) a new server on a new location (Vilnius, Lietuva) mostly targeted at central eastern Europe like for example the Baltic region in particular although it should still cover a very good deal of the map anyways. needless to say this doesn't even compare in almost any single aspect with the over the top state of the art main servers and let's make this clear from the start the main servers and location will remain where it's. unless something really breaks there's no gonna be any changes on that so this is not a change by any means but rather a addition instead to probably better cover the territory as well as to expand the services. so that being said we'll see how it does but overall I think that this is a move that can hold a lot of strategic value and that at that cost it can definitively bring immense return even if only used sparingly.

then as usual server is currently added to the bottom of the servers forum tab for monitoring and right on the first day it already made like plus a dozen connections and overall I think it worked "acceptable" (it should be pretty much similar to the former pre 2020 servers) so check it out. the address is and currently it doesn't feature any further additional services (as said it's not a main thing so I'm not gonna over invest on it) and to prevent unnecessary (direct) competence with the main servers (that I repeat once again will remain the main thing at all times) as well as to meet the demands of the players (mostly) from that region I deployed glacius 24/7 there that now should finally complete the entire offer for good.

have fun, enjoy