Picnic at the Gates of Hell

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Picnic at the Gates of Hell

Post by Ca+hode »

I really love Hell's Gate (q3tourney3) but you don't get to play it a lot on the server.
I think it's as big as Vertical Vengeance (q3tourney4) but less crappy. The problem is that you only get Hell's Gate if the 1-2 players are really balanced and that sux. I mean if me and Blade would have played, we would definitely get the map, don't know about you others ;).
Also, I think It's good for the campers, shaprshooters and the brawlers + annoying lava, what's not to love about it?
Does anybody share my thoughts? :mrgreen:

P.S. I you ask me Hell's Gate is the dumb version of Deck 16 (
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Re: Picnic at the Gates of Hell

Post by PacMan »

Hell's gate always when playing against you and blade