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Network Diagnostic sites

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ok guys after the spent the last week updating the whole thing to "stable" 2020 code (sorry for the the few downtime that took place on some of the mornings, looks like some of the "stable" shit ain't that stable at all) and personally testing with my own hands every single component in order to ensure to the full extend of human standards that there will be no issues any time soon (i.e. months/a year), I finally also deployed some network diagnostic sites for the servers. you can now get a better outlook of how the servers see you and overall get a better understanding of what route is more convenient for you, as well as test your connectivity of course, from any of the sites posted down bellow. I'm not gonna get any technical here but these sites are probably very handy for those lacking almost any technical knowledge (i.e. the regular standard end-user). from those sites you can run pings/traces server side to your end, know that not every end-user route (in fact most are probably not) is ping-able/traceable but at least they should probably give you a idea of how it goes to some extend. ok, here are the links for these sites:
for those a bit more technically skilled know that the tests are launched from the advertised ips on those sites so if you want them to complete you should just simply accept incoming icmp/icmp6 traffic from those addresses on your end (i.e. make your router pingable). also don't forget that connections are two sided so to get the full picture you should also conduct the same tests from your end. at last, like I've just said, I'm not gonna get technical here, so if you have no clue what all this is about I'm not gonna break it as that clearly transcends the purpose of this forum, but just as usual, if someone got some question in particular or has some issue feel free to post it here.

in really this could have been done just with one site but I set up six sites instead for comfortably/reliability. the .de sites correspond with the usual main route (finally denoted as the nbg1 route) and the .eu sites with the "alternative" route (finally denoted as the nbg2 route). the v4 and v6 versions are ipv4 and ipv6 specific sites as the "regular" ones (just the lg ones) can either be ipv4 or ipv6 depending on several circumstances (like location, operative system, browser, history and more). anyway you can always run any test from any of the sites just selecting the appropriate one and/or entering the corresponding host/ip but I guess that this is much more convenient specially for those less skilled (just entering the site and clicking on your host/ip should bring the most relevant test).

well and that's it by now. at least I believe that now the servers should be complete without any more if's/but's or anything else, at least, for several months if not longer as given the current world situation looks like it's gonna be the case and this setup is really gonna stick for the long run (I'd probably even go as far as say here that I don't see anything topping this in years probably). therefor this task was crucial as well as it was backing everything up until this point. now complete, my top priority task here now becomes create that new official proper UnFreeZe package that I miserably failed to deliver by the end of the last year. as usual I'm not committing as I can't exactly give a guarantee but I hope I can bring that in "week's time". let's see if this time I finally make it.