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fpsclasico.de xonotic server

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ok so to complete this season work here at fpsclasico.de finally I deployed this week a new Xonotic (currently version 0.8.2) server. as usual with new installments at the moment the server is pretty much just standard stuff, nothing fancy/custom here yet. currently the server is just a regular deathmatch arena and the map pool just regular afterslime, solarium, stormkeep and warfare in "voteable" order which seemed to be the most solid picks for this gametype on the standard Xonotic assets. if on the future there's enough interest and things get going other maps/gametypes or even another alternative server can be added but by now I believe that this is the best option to start with.

overall I think that it didn't turn out that bad after all and it even seems to be doing reasonably good giving the circumstances (age) so as usual check it out and feel free to drop here (as well as on this sub-forum) any suggestions/requests/issues you may have about this server or just anything else related about it. and that's all with the new season additions, this finally completes the whole fpsclasico.de project at least for this season (2019/2020) thus from now onwards in the middle term all that will come will be just the usual consolidation/maintenance jobs. have fun

Server Information: https://stats.xonotic.org/server/20068