Quake III Arena UnFreeZe Client 2019.2 Edition

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Quake III Arena UnFreeZe Client 2019.2 Edition

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ok following the test version of this thread (that you can folow here) finally I open this thread here so it sticks as a announcement for the finished ioq3v6-unfreeze-client-v19.2.zip package so please make sure to check out that file and upgrade your installment with it so you don't miss the latest updates.

now typically here I would write about what's new on this release and would drop some notes about it and so but I believe that it does no longer suit. I think that it's just better to define this as a Quake III Arena UnFreeZe client 2019.2 edition, this is a patched and finally finished|final version. I think that's the best description to drop here and basically that's it. for the most part it should be complete so it should just work as-is, there should not be any need for any more notes/comments about it beside this and offer whatever support it's required which you can just do by answering this own thread or by opening any other thread you want about it.

in the next days I'll complete the main "downloads and documentation" thread and that would be it about this release. unfortunately note that finally I wasn't able to make it to the documentation but anyways I think that overall virtually everything has been documented already (at least for whoever followed more or less regularly the forum) so that plus any question you want to ask is what will stick as the documentation for it.

in addition another package containing a bunch of extras has been created for whoever wanna check everything out in a single package: and that's it, enjoy and thanks to everybody who tested it and helped with suggestions/feedback as without your assistance this wouldn't have been possible.