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Server Question

Post by chavez »

Hi there,

i often played a lot on your server and now I have my own server. But its really seldom.. I have some bots on it, but when one Person left, the bots couldnt join the game. So I have 10 bot specting the game. I tried the command

match_latejoin 1 and freezetag_latejoin 1

^^ but nothing worked. Is there a special trick? Or Voodoo magic?

greetings from
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Re: Server Question

Post by adminless »

hey hello

well as I think that is logical I'm sorry but I do not offer custom server support and/or admin guidance here, only client side support. anyways that being said I don't mind answering basic questions if I feel like it but don't expect anything beyond that. look, to be honest with you I have no idea about those commands, it looks to me that you're using some fancy mod, I build my own codes mostly from vanilla as much as possible instead of using someone else stuff for a reason (as you can see), so go ask that mod developer instead.

my opinion is that it looks broken or probably buggy, the code involving the team joining and bots is very fragile so any slight modification, change or misconfiguration there is likely going to break it badly. for the most part on vanilla a like Quake 3 all that should be needed is set the variable bot_minplayers to the number of bots you want per team and it should work. also keep in mind that a popular feature in plenty of modification is the ability to lock teams, so make sure the teams aren't locked and are open to the bots on your modification.

see you