Cheater uf2 June 2nd

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Cheater uf2 June 2nd

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Pretty obvious snappy aim. Was actually one of those really poorly made aimbots that misses over your head if you crouch. He was still playing REALLY bad despite the 80% LG accuracy. Looked like walls too due to snapping at enemies behind walls.

Joins in this dm6 game at 3:25, unnamed on blue team. Roughly 40-50 ping, seemed to fluctuate quite a bit. Need wolfcam for his pov since demo is just the auto demo from my pov. Have more demos but it is really obvious so not worth posting.

Showed up about 40 minutes ago. Timed out after completing 2 maps.
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Re: Cheater uf2 June 2nd

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ok, ban added now, thanks for report.