ATLAS OS for Windows 10 & Windows 11

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ATLAS OS for Windows 10 & Windows 11

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A modification of Windows, designed for gamers.

Contrary to what its name may indicate, AtlasOS is not an operating system, but a program whose scripts allow you to model Windows. It promises to lighten Windows 10 and Windows 11 in a few minutes to increase PC performance.

Important: Referring to the Atlas team's prerequisites, it is necessary to reinstall Windows before installing the lightweight OS. For the experiment, I tried an installation directly without going through the Windows reinstallation box… and it worked perfectly! But, if you receive error messages, I strongly advise you to follow the official instructions: reinstall Windows before installing AtlasOS.

It’s time to experience a new Windows experience. Designed for gamers, with improved in-game framerates and lowered latency.

Windows is slow, clunky and unreliable. Atlas brings life back to your Windows system, designed to maximize performance and minimize latency. You will experience a smoother and more responsive Windows, and higher framerates over using standard Windows.

The AtlasOs project was created by “a small team of technology, privacy, and performance enthusiasts.” This team does not have a name (we will then call it “Atlas team”). Today, the team is made up of 10 members. The goal of these developers is to redefine the Windows experience by making Microsoft's operating system lighter, faster and more protective of personal data. Gaming is particularly in the crosshairs of the Atlas team.

What's Officially Supported : Atlas is officially tested with Windows Professional and Enterprise. A full list of all the editions that should theoretically work without issues is below:

Windows Pro, Windows Enterprise, Windows Pro for Workstations, Windows Education ... /#features

Although Atlas has not been tested with Windows Home, it seems to work perfectly for many users.


By Removing unnecessary components, disabling power-saving features, and optimizing services.


By fine-tuning processes, implementing an efficient power plan, and optimizing networking, you'll feel a difference.


By eliminating Microsoft's notorious tracking, pre-installed apps, and bloatware, you can feel confident when using Atlas.

Atlas vs. Windows

With reduced processes, lower RAM usage, and improved in-game framerates, why wouldn't you consider making the switch?

CPU Usage

We've reduced background CPU usage significantly. Nothing that you don't need will run in the background.
2-10% -> 0%

Ram usage

Thanks to Atlas we've freed up 1.1GB of RAM usage from boot, which can then be allocated to other tasks.
2.3GB -> 1.2GB~

1% FPS

In VALORANT, we saw a significant improvement in FPS lows. Boasting a more stable, and higher framerate.
217.5 FPS -> 365.91 FPS

An open-source, GPL-3.0 project

We are an open-source project, licensed under GPL-3.0 and our GitHub repository has many stargazers. We would greatly appreciate it if you check it out and, if interested, consider contributing to our vision.

ATLAS une version de Windows 11 optimisée pour le gaming (et la vie privée) !

Tutoriel : toutes les explications en Français ... rivee.html
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Re: ATLAS OS for Windows 10 & Windows 11

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I've used Atlas long ago , I'm currently using Windows 10 ggOS , i don't know if it's better than ATLAS but it's pretty lightweight