cannot join game

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cannot join game

Post by jeeps »

when i connect i get put into spectator mode and cannot join game ,says im restricted because i dont have q3e patch ,have added patch but still cannot join game ,sorry if its been said before but i,m stuk thx :) never had a problem before.
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Re: cannot join game

Post by adminless »

try using this full installation instead:

download that, extract (unzip) somewhere in your computer, put your pak0.pk3 file inside the extracted baseq3 folder and double click on the ioquake3 exe. that should work though that sounds to me more like you're connecting to the wrong server/a fake server or something wrong like that. also needless to say but just to be safe, make sure that you're just not "frozen" which is the state you get into after being fragged in this mode.