callvote nextmap on glacius

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callvote nextmap on glacius

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Re: callvote nextmap on glacius

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that would just take away exactly what makes glacius great which is to play quality exotic maps at random so I'm not gonna do it. enabling voting would just turn the special glacius meetings exactly to glacius at regular times (i.e. it would just reduce it to the well know top elite picks almost with total certainty and any exotic map would virtually have no chance to load) at best which is proven not what people want and asked for (otherwise glacius would just normally work like any of the other servers) if not straight ruin it (i.e. unnecessary endless vote wars and arguments/fights). I think this has also been discussed more than long enough other times already, voting is not meant for top public servers with so many different people, it just doesn't work in reality and it's known for a fact to ruin servers. voting is instead meant for private (or almost private a-like) small servers where everyone is on the same page (or almost same page) so there's a general agreement of what people wants and not so many differences of interest something that obviously doesn't happen on a top public server as I'm telling you. in that sense, if you want so much control over the game you can probably just meet at any of the (true) private servers instead (default password 1234) where voting is fully enabled (not just nextmap, the entire thing). otherwise, if you just want some specific map removed or replaced from glacius for a specific reason you can probably just request it instead altogether (not just conditionally) though I highly doubt I'm gonna make any drastic/major glacius changes at the time because as I'm telling you that's what people have asked for and for the most part it has been working pretty good so far then I don't really see any real reason to change that.