Unbalanced teams

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Re: Unbalanced teams

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once again I think I've just already answered you that, didn't I? you're not adding anything here nor bringing anything positive to the community so now stop wasting my time with any more non sense/meaningless shit and move on.
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Re: Unbalanced teams

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NoobKilla wrote: Sat Jun 10, 2023 23:21 I'm not fully sure, but is it possible that you're angry for some reason? Or maybe I'm mistaken, sorry if that's the case.

EDIT: I didn't break anything, I joined late, that's why I only played 2 rounds, it was two last rounds.
Noobkiller he's not actually angry , just get to know all our characters lol
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Re: Unbalanced teams

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@adminless, sorry I caused you emotional distress, was not my intention, I forgot how you put up an effort to correct those bugs and whatnot. I thought I thanked you, but not sure now, might have forgotten, so THANK YOU. I know this may seem like I'm kissing ass, but nope, that ain't never happening. I also just noticed that the server with most players I was joining has PRO in the name and I'm not a pro. Can't see any NOOB servers. I can freeze noobs. Is there one?

EDIT: several last matches, the ones where my wifi didn't disconnect me and went kaput, were very balanced and very close 9:10, 10:9, we were like winning one and then losing one and it was like that to the very end. It's fun when it's close, even when you lose in the end, GG.