A few 'technical' questions

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A few 'technical' questions

Post by kabe »

Hey guys,

After playing milsim games (primarily) for the past 5 years, out of sheer curiosity, I decided to check out if Q3A is still alive... and to my surprise found this well-established community. Quake was my first 'serious business' multiplayer experience (1.16n noghost freezerail) but that was like 15 years ago or so, therefore, obviously, there's some things I no longer remember, hence this topic. I'm currently using the community client (been playing for like a week, maybe more).

1) How to join spectators? Sometimes there's not enough time for me between the rounds to start playing right away.

2) Is there a way to run /exec training but on a regular map like q3dm7, for example?

3) Is there a way to toggle in-game chat [on/off] ?

4) Rarely my game freezes for less than a second (w/ sound on loop). Same happens with Quake III: Gold (GOG). Is there any command that could help with this? It's not related to players joining the server // player models.

5) What mouse sensitivity value would you consider extreme? When I first joined your server I've used something like sensitivity 10 @ 1200dpi (which is probably ridiculous) and currently I'm trying to gradually go lower. Any tips or suggestions on that?

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Re: A few 'technical' questions

Post by adminless »

hey hello and welcome to the forum

1) you can move to the spectator team just by doing \team s on the console or even from the game menus by selecting "start" then "spectate" if you prefer.

2) unfortunately not, only \exec training1 or \exec training2 on maps ra3map1 and ra3map4 respectively are currently provided within the mod as the best choices for training. might consider adding a training mode on the future, so far you can probably check \spmap q3dm7 which will give a base game on q3dm7. it's not like the provided training setups but it's something at least.

3) \cg_teamchatsonly 1 will disable the public chat and \cg_teamchatsonly 0 will enable it again.

4) sounds operative system related, like some sort of background notifications or something so may be check for potential background tasks that might be running on the background and stop those unnecessary. additionally try (temporally) disabling your antivirus.

5) not really a expert player myself but it's my understanding that most players probably do a sens between 2 and 4. the default 5 it's just about what works for my testing setup and use. 10 it's clearly a insane value though.