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Disable Quad

Post by RH »

Duel server has powerups enabled for some reason. Makes dm13 dumb specifically, possibly plenty of others.

Can try disable_item_quad "1" in the config, or whatever other method. There is not a single instance where powerups and duel mix so no harm in wiping all of them out in one go if possible.

I think this should be correct for Q3, but idk I haven't tried it.

set disable_holdable_teleporter "1"
set disable_holdable_medkit "1"
set disable_item_quad "1"
set disable_item_enviro "1"
set disable_item_haste "1"
set disable_item_invis "1"
set disable_item_regen "1"
set disable_item_flight "1"
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Re: Disable Quad

Post by adminless »

ah yes since the settings are different from osp (the other original server) I had missed to disable that stuff there as well. ok, I think I just did it now. thanks for report.