Continual Spec/Reconnect on Duel server

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Continual Spec/Reconnect on Duel server

Post by RH »

The guy isn't hacking. The only chat he's done is spamming nonsense. He has been reconnecting over and over, and/or spectating over and over. A couple games started, and as soon as he's found he just either reconnected or spectated.

Has had multiple people connect and try to play him. I was watching the server before connecting so I know this is the case.

Name was Dr Dre when I connected, quickly switched to 2222222222. Has a little over 200 ping. Should be easy to spot in the logs with the mass reconnect spam.

Unsure if you want to do anything about it. I guess he's not really stopping anyone from playing since the best he can do is force the bot to get kicked, but its an obvious troll.
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Re: Continual Spec/Reconnect on Duel server

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yes, I checked this now and that's just some random troll connecting here every few months from the other side of the planet. so far nothing serious so I guess that unless he gets reported for something else it shouldn't be a huge deal.