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Server Financial Support

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hey hi everybody

well after already more than a year and counting of running this (at the moment legacy) Urban Terror server and since it looks like after so much time lately it has been finally really working for the people for real I believe that is finally time to open a thread here so whoever wants to financially support this server and thus help it to run in the long term can do it.

so, to make it simply this time I'm not gonna bug you with too many unnecessary talking, I'm just going to tell you two things. the first is that obviously with this message I'm not telling anyone what they should or should not do, I have nothing to do with that, that's up to anyone and regardless of what you do I'll be pretty fine with it anyways, I'm simply giving you the option to financially support the server/me here in case you want to. and the second is know that since you're not buying anything consequently later you can not expect and/or claim anything in return other than what you've already got, so please, have that very clear, let's remark once again, you're just freely financially supporting a admin in its task of running a game server and its related services not making any sort of "purchase" or "paying" yourself for any kind of service/s.

then finally once you have that clear if you're fine with this and decide to go for it you can do such thing in the links down bellow. there's actually two links, if you have a paypal account the preferred is the first one as it does not have fees, the second one is more provided as a fail safe/fancy (recurrent) alternative in case the first one doesn't work for you or you just don't have a paypal account (which is the commercial catch of the first one and thus why it doesn't have fees).

Support Links: (<-- preferred does not have fees) (fail-safe in case you don't have paypal/doesn't work, accepts credit cards, or want to make recurrent payments)