baltic update and roll out

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baltic update and roll out

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hello everybody

ok, as a small update for this year just reporting now that finally I updated yesterday the baltic server and added a stats page for it ( to finally complete all this UnFreeZe thing as it was planned probably since Christmas but be it for some reason or another I had failed to do it (i.e. I ended up doing something else here like fights/support and so). the initial plan for the baltic stats is to run it weekly and let it historic (instead of cycle them each x days) and as a bonus as some had requested to boost it some at least initially I cleared all the bans on that specific server. in addition to that I finally also rolled out the spare domain,, I had pretty much just got for defensive reasons (i.e. squatting/seo) for the forum as I probably find more appropriate (besides the better seo) the classic internet domain than a country/region level domain at least for the main site (forum) and specially given the current on-going world developments. all the rest of the dns remains the same (probably no real need to change any of that) and needless to say nothing has been removed so even the old links should continue to work (although recommended to update them they should just get rewritten anyways) and as mentioned this didn't cost anything at all either as that was all included on the current budget (only that it was not really being used, hopefully now everything is being fully used to the full extend).

unfortunately the domain change for the forum means that the current session cookies got truncated so you'll all need to login again to use the site. in that sense remember that on the login form there's a password reset form here just in case you forgot it so you do not need to re-register or anything. additionally this also changed the emails domain from to (yes with two s this time, seo analysis reported that was the most optimal typing, that's it, the one matching the most regions) so make sure to whitelist that domain too on your mailboxes (though I repeat I still keep the three different mails just in case so no email will get lost if you write/reply to some of the other/previous messages/addresses) and/or look it up on your junk/spam folder (which in such case flag it as non spam does actually help). overall I've been testing it today and I believe that it turned pretty good and this setup should be even more solid for the site than the previous one (now there's actually three different servers on two different regions really providing these services). the only downside is that this change now means that the baltic server status went from spare/testing (i.e. disposable) to production (i.e. needed) meaning that probably in one way or another it's gonna end up having continuity on the future.

as usual I'll keep monitoring this and we'll see how this develops so if you're experiencing any issue now with the site or anything remember that you can just reach me on the contact form of my signature here.