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Opera GX The player browser

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Opera GX : The player browser --> http://opera.com/gx

Get an unparalleled gaming and browsing experience on mobile and desktop. Set CPU, RAM and network usage limits, use Discord and Twitch from the sidebar, and connect mobile and desktop browsers with the Flow file sharing feature.

Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser designed especially for gamers. The browser includes unique features such as CPU, RAM and network limiters to help you get the most out of your games and browsing.

Bring your gaming style to mobile. Connect mobile and desktop browsers with Flow file sharing, browse seamlessly on the go with one hand with the Quick Action Button, and protect your privacy with the in-browser ad blocker mobile designed for gamers.

Beyond its award-winning design, Opera GX brings speed, personalization, and privacy to desktop and mobile browsers. Take a look at its exclusive built-in features and find out why users choose Opera GX.

Light and dark modes
Brighten your day with Light Mode, now available in Opera GX mobile and desktop browsers. Navigate on the light side or the dark side and switch between them according to your needs.

GX Corner
Get free games, the best deals, plus a game release calendar and gaming news, all in one place. GX Corner in mobile browser also offers free mobile games and best game suggestions.

Never miss a live stream. With Twitch available right in your sidebar, you can easily see the channels you're following, who's online, and choose to receive notifications whenever someone you follow goes live.

Chat with your teams, friends and communities via Discord in the sidebar. Join us on Discord to chat about gaming, give your opinion on GX, and be entertained with the Opera GX community.

Player control
A world of music and podcasts at your fingertips. Connect to all your music services in one place, and easily switch between them.

Surf and chat at the same time on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte and WhatsApp integrated directly into the sidebar.

Save and collect web content easily, share it visually. Collect pictures, links, music, files and notes to create builds, compare hardware deals, or plan the ultimate gaming den - in easily shareable, eye-pleasing boards.

Just scan a QR code to connect your computer and mobile browsers to Flow. Send links, videos, files and notes to each other with just one click, and access them instantly on all your devices.

Quick navigation
Choose between the Quick Action Button and standard navigation in your Opera GX mobile browser. The Quick Action Button is always within reach and provides haptic feedback - perfect when you're on the go.
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