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Post by PacMan »

Hi these two players have this type of connection and score high consistently

is there a purpose for what they are doing or is this just normal?

hopefully i uploaded the correct file

one player is "Aggressor" other calls himself "high ping" but both exact same connect type error showing

i have absolutely no experience with this stuff so just wondered what it is
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Re: nomral?

Post by Lunya »

I saw HighPing too, he was at ~250ms.
I felt it was ping abuse: hard to hit and sometimes even teleporting.
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Re: nomral?

Post by fau »

I've seen another player with this kind of ping who was hitting 40%+ lg each game - and using it a lot. Although his connection was silky smooth, no warping at all and ping was always exactly 250. Nowadays he has ping 25 and doesn't use lg at all, what a coincidence... I thought it was player from another continent using unlagged to overcome high ping, but now I think there must be something fishy going on.

Don't want to post the name because his play looks normal now. Maybe he got a clue that people play clean here.
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Re: nomral?

Post by oKo*Magister »

I saw HighPing too. Even with that high ping he played so well like he didn't have lags, to be honest
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Re: nomral?

Post by adminless »

they are the same guy and that's a well known cheater I already banned previously. unbelievable both, that he is still around after years of bans and that even se he still continues to cheat. ban updated now. thanks for report.