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data protection - UNESCO - The Cookie Factory

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Play as the person of your dreams and trick the algos with the #CookieFactory :twisted:

Source: @Korben - November 25, 2021

UNESCO is committed to helping us protect our identity online. But there you have it, without even realizing it, with minute details, we leave lots of data every day during our surfing sessions. The subjects that drive us, our standard of living, our habits, our little secrets… etc.

And all this feeds the databases of GAFAM and their acolytes. Each piece of data is then automatically analyzed by AI (deep learning) systems which can then catalog us to better serve us with advertising or even targeted information.

In this case, our privacy is not really respected and of course as at the moment, there is no framework around the ethics of artificial intelligence, it's a bit of a party! So how do you make people aware of the subject while making a big splash to get politicians to start paying attention?

Well for that, UNESCO has developed the Cookie Factory, a Chrome extension that will save your cookies, delete them and forge you a whole new identity.

I must admit that I have never seen such an original expansion. It’s a real spectacle in both image and music and I really invite you to try it out just for the show. So you can choose between assuming the identity of a fan of cats, a hacker, a multimillionaire, a platoonist, a car fan ... etc.

Each cookie has its own flavor.

Obviously, everything is reversible and you can find your original cookies at any time, but what good is it when you can play someone else. You can even create a personalized profile… Become a man, a woman, a teenager, adult, senior, fan of rap, scuba diving, baking, unicorns, classical dance… etc. And

Then it's more than surfing and voila, you won't be the same person in the eyes of the algos. Very cool, isn't it?

The extension is only available on Chrome and you can download it here

Once again, I invite you to download it even if you don't think you need it, if only for experience. It's a real show, I loved it!

Well done to UNESCO and to the DDB Paris agency, it’s well done! Then now that I'm a multi-millionaire girl, a fan of unicorns and robot fights, I feel like my digital life is about to change.

(Translated from French to English with Google Translate)

good surfing on the web everyone, have fun 8-)
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