FREE SOFTWARE & SERVICES: Precautions and useful sites

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FREE SOFTWARE & SERVICES: Precautions and useful sites

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Why pay, when you can do everything on your PC with free software? Try them, it's risk-free, with a minimum of attention.

Nothing prevents you from making a donation to the author of the software if you wish to reward him for his work.


Please note that some free software is financed by the installation, on a promotional basis, of additional programs or toolbars in your browser. Be sure to uncheck the corresponding boxes during the installation process, otherwise your PC may be quickly invaded. Similarly, with services that ask you for an email address, be sure to refuse the sending of promotional offers.

FRAMALIBRE > Free Directory > Link: > website in french >

The Framalibre site lists several hundred free software programs, which can be downloaded for free and can be used without paying. Explore the different categories (PDF managers, idea organizer, education, e-learning...) to find the software you are looking for, or simply discover new tools.

ALTERNATIVETO > The same for free > Link: > website in english

AlternativeTo does not host software, but it is an excellent tool for finding what you are looking for. The principle is simple: you type the name of a software in the search bar, and AlternativeTo gives you the list of all other equivalent software. Ideal to find the free alternative to paid software for example. Rather than giving a download link, AlternativeTo sends you to the software publisher's site, which is not a bad thing.

PORTABLEAPPS.COM > On-the-go software > Link: > multilingual website

Tip: Go directly to the Apps section to access the list of software offered without installing the app from the site. offers a whole series of well-known software in a portable version, ie executable directly from the downloaded file (which you just have to unzip), without an installation procedure. Advantage: these programs can be placed on a USB key, and then used on any PC.

LIBERKEY > Your software on a USB key > Link: > website in French and English

With Liberkey, you can have your usual software on any computer, without having to install it, by carrying a portable version on a USB key. You choose from a catalog of around 300 software, including the most popular free tools. It is possible to obtain each program independently, or to recover a ready-made pack covering all common uses.

ROLLAPP > Try without installing > Link: > website in english

The RollApp site offers nearly 350 programs, in online version: you can launch them and use them directly in the window of your internet browser, without downloading anything. Ideal for testing software before installing it on your PC.

NINITE > bulk download > Link: > website in english

Ninite offers you to download and install in one go a whole series of free software, among the most famous.
Go to the Ninite site and in the "Pick the apps you want" section, check the programs you want to download and install on your PC. Then click on "Get your Ninite" under the list, to download your personalized installation file.
Double-click on the recovered file. For each of the selected software, the setup program is downloaded, then run. No next button to click, no checkboxes or uncheckboxes, everything is fully automatic.

Source : Magazine "Les Dossiers du Pirate" Mai/Juillet 2022
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