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hello everybody

well reporting here that after around a year of running this services finally this last week I've updated and made a more proper custom tuning of them, so I fixed several issues with the site and overall greatly improved its performance, this also include the game servers (q3ut4, oa, etwolf), if before was already responsive now it truly seems it :D

this was also important because this finally also became the url site for my Quake III Arena project, so I just announce here that with this these services should be make it for another year, thank you for your support :D

of all the fixes only some reputation problems (i.e. "new" domain = no reputation) with some email carriers that direct emails to the spam/junk folder and the top level domain not fully supporting ipv6 glue, meaning you still require a ipv4 address to initially resolve the url, remain (both issues are outside my scope).

for the rest everything should be fresh and working, so please answer to this post or let me know in case you encounter any problem.

see you