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Open Arena multiplayer skin pack

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hello guys

I drop you here just a small skin pack I made for Open Arena with the intention to improve, to some extend, the Open Arena models visibility which is one of the biggest flaws in Open Arena. this skin pack is basically ripped off from the OaFreeZe mod I had built here too (now death). although the model visibility is improved, don't expect miracles, it's still clearly far away from a "competitive" grade level, take it just as a small improve for those casual Open Arena public games at the server.

ok, that being said, the file download is as follows: to install it, it's very simple just download that pk3 file and place on your baseoa folder. search for that folder on your computer if needed. and that's all, check it out, I believe that while it's not exactly what we would want, it's nevertheless a worthy addition here.

have fun