Possible Aimbot/Wallhack on duel server

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Possible Aimbot/Wallhack on duel server

Post by RH »

So I played an "UnnamedPlayer" on the duel server, and a lot of stuff was really weird so I went and rewatched the demo.

I don't think any of the players at this level other than me really alias. Mostly just hoping adminless can check if its a known good player, or just a random, or a known cheat IP. If its already a known good player like miro or adrenlinerush then this can all be ignored.

Either this is a really good player, or an obvious aimbot/wallhack. Still think I could have won if I played more under the assumption it was an aimbot considering the huge comeback :D

As usual with duel demos, its from my pov so it requires wolfcam to watch from the opposite pov and I recommend timescale 0.5 to see the unnatural mouse movements (and to reduce jarring pov swapping).

Here are the notes I took rewatching it.

0:40 could just be good aim
1:48 seemed like wallhack, no sound and hes watching me through wall
2:08 his aim does weird stuff
2:42 snap, looks like aimbot
3:13 he turns around as soon as i drop without a sound cue yet
3:18 his aim does weird stuff in the fight again
3:28 he "expected" a really weird double back, might just be a good read
3:53 i know he can hear me, but watching like that is odd and he moves right as I get into a rail angle position
4:24 he does guess wrong here
4:27 his aim does weird things again
4:39-4:48 various watching through walls, possible just tracking by sound though
5:22 lg snaps on to me out of range
5:28 he does track me through the wall a little, no clue if I was going left/right but he followed me with his crosshair
5:39 his aim does weird stuff in this fight too
5:42 his aim snaps to me
6:12 his aim does something weird
6:43 snap followed by perfect tracking
8:26 again watching through wall, maybe just really good sound tracking though
8:33 multiple snaps in this fight with MG
9:00 watching me through walls
9:30 really unnatural snap and spin

Few points seem really obvious like aimbot to me 9:30 and 6:43, but also seems like a definite wallhack watching me at 1:48 with no sound cue. There are only a couple instances where he "guesses" wrong, such as 4:24. I'm not completely positive this is a cheat from this demo, and don't think anyone should be banned for a single demo unless its REALLY obvious, but it looks to me like either a really good player that I don't know or a cheat.

Absolutely would love to hear other peoples thoughts on it.
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Re: Possible Aimbot/Wallhack on duel server

Post by adminless »

yes, known old ages cheater. bans updated now. thanks for report.
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Re: Possible Aimbot/Wallhack on duel server

Post by fernandinho1337 »

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