fpsclasico masters summer 21 cup

fpsclassico masters 21 - fau champion, Miroslav undisputed
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Re: fpsclasico masters summer 21 cup

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ok guys so following this finally to close this summer 21 edition I finished setting up now a stats site for the tournament/competitive fights here at the masters.fpsclasico.de server address so check it out and let me know how you see that (definitively worth checking). as usual by now is just a basic stock stats installment to get started. I'll go completing/updating/improving it over the time as done with the well known UnFreeZe stats though I believe that at least by now it should be fully functional and the games history, which at the end is the most important of all, is complete already (there's no much to add for the games there mostly is just some extra profile/award stats to add) so no more crappy logs for upcoming events. the theme I left the stock one also reminiscent of the Windows XP of the era I guess for that extra classic touch there too. overall to be honest I believe that once all completed/added it didn't turn out that bad and hopefully this will also serve to promote participation on future events as well as deliver more depth to the competition.

ok, so I think that's probably all that was left for the tournaments here so now even if unceremoniously late is finally done too. nothing else by now then as usual for anything else just let me know. have fun and enjoy.