LG weapon balance

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Re: LG weapon balance

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alyeti wrote: Fri May 28, 2021 1:32
nickaero wrote: Thu May 27, 2021 23:58 YES I don't think unlagged is good, I want knockback, that's what I am requesting. And you don't even have to make that knockback as powerful as base game, (although I would enjoy that, not gonna lie lol) because like you say conditions today are more conductive to LG use then they were when the game came out. But the weapon in it's current state is simply far too underpowered.
Also something to consider that wasn't mentioned yet is that because there is a lot of rocket action when various players are fighting in the same spot, players will be subjected to a lot of push from rocket splash damage, which makes not only the opponents movement more unpredictable, but it also affects YOUR aim aswell since you will be subjected to rocket splash and need to adjust your crosshair. All of this makes it even harder to track the opponents.
And if you think that with these changes LG is still not as good as rail, well, I take that as a challenge 😎
Ultimately again a good summary nick of points but a pointless topic , your good enuf player and score well enuf and can fight off the LG

Don't worry about us mere mortals we happy get fried balls and frying you of course , I can't raiil but I can fry from time to time , atleast simmer you for my team mates maybe just your left side

More importantly hijack thread time we need more grenades or grenade reset somehow or pickups

Has to be be grenade pickups somewhere just one spot , cmon grenades man

Dem mans need dem grenades 🤕
Eh I'm happy just buffing LG thank you lol