[VIDEO] Glacius evenings - Sunday 8PM CET

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Re: Glacius evenings - Sunday 8PM CET

Post by imprecise »

Hi Dr Green,

I have also been less present on the Glacius parties lately, I was less available at these times

yes we have to relaunch Glacius

yes it could be another night of the week

and we could even dedicate a whole day to Glacius

because the more players there are on this server the more it will attract new ones, it will work if enough regular players make this effort to play on other maps

I will do my best to be present during the next sessions
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Re: Glacius evenings - Sunday 8PM CET

Post by Dr.GreenThumb »

Sounds good imprecise, thanks for the ideas 8-)

I will be back playing much more starting September, so I'll start to organize more then.

Perhaps we can do two evenings, one Sunday and one in the middle of the week like Wednesday?

As far as attracting new players - please do try - but it can be difficult. Like adminless told us many times, the fact that we play on custom maps makes this more effort than many are willing to make - as at a minimum it requires a map pack download, but more preferably it would require using the official unfreeze client. Regardless, you are right, we need to advertise as is - perhaps I make a tutorial with screenshots :geek: ...and then we can just redirect users to that on how to install.

But it will never be easy to attract newbies to Glacius with auto-download off, so I suspect for the most part it will remain a "Good ol' boys" server :think: