February 2024 community event

fpsclassico february 2024 ctf mini-cup - ahu clan champions
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Re: February 2024 community event

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It was already hard to assemble CTF players to play CTF , I guess I'll be back next CTF event if it ever happens 🤣.
Thanks for hosting the tournament and allowing subs , I will pull Jonas by the ear for not playing on finals.

I didn't really know what to expect from rehab since everytime he has played CTF with us he has underperformed so I guess the map style played on his favor + he is in a good day. He is not a CTF player( we try to convert him for years ) and he did a superb defense indeed.

As for a Super Team ? Miro , Aimer , Fau, Ironmonkey are 4 people who have left a good impression to us , a 5th solid player shouldnt be hard to fill up the void.
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Re: February 2024 community event

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well you already fought three out of the four you write on that list yesterday and clearly won even though you were missing like half your team. iron is not a level beyond the guy that is a level beyond the rest of the community guys so I wouldn't get my hopes very high. so far I recruited aimer, infinity and iron for this and I'll try to recruit a few more guys for this along this week so I guess that if by this weekend or so I haven't assembled a team yet then it just won't happen.

ok, for the rest videos just up now (i.e. on its way to YouTube, it looks busy at this time so it will take some time) that they took a bit more time than usual since these are generally long games. I guess that later I'll complete/review the combined stats and may be try some special renders locally along the week and I think that should then complete this. ggs.