CTF Saturday party 8pm

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Re: CTF Saturday party 8pm

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NoobKilla wrote: Tue Jan 09, 2024 13:18 @Adminless LOL, I never looked for any beef, I can assure both of you! We were just having fun playing once and I really wanted to play the duel as I never played it before I joined your community. Sure, I played 2-3 unofficial duels, on your server, before the official against PacMan. It wasn't beef, it was interesting to me, but due to crappy connection, which you know all about, I didn't enjoy it.

@PacMan CTF however, somehow, worked awesome for me, I don't know if it was a period of relaxed internet, when there were no other users stalling my bandwidth, but ask Aboba, I played it really well and connection was just flawless. We didn't play long, maybe 20-25 minutes, but it was a smooth ride! You're tight with Aboba, right? Ask him, he's the one who invited us to join him on CTF server, I joined immediately. Shame what started as a 3vs3, changed into 2vs2 and ended up 1vs1, which makes CTF pointless to play.

I think adminless wants to duel us both , he just shy in asking us striaght?

@noobk I am tight with everyone lol this is unfriz like a gang what happens in unfriz stays in unfriz like you know what I mean right ?
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Re: CTF Saturday party 8pm

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@PacMan, LOL, fck my bad connection, I'd duel Adminless any time any place!!! Hahahahahaaaa! :clap: :lol: That was funny mate!