UnFreeZe Super League 2023, Second Leg

UnFreeZe Super League 2023, Second Leg - Immortal Clan First Place
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Re: UnFreeZe League 23/24

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finally here is the public card for the last fight of the UnFreeZe Super League 2023 tomorrow night between oko and immortal that will settle the final positions:
  • match-up: oKo Clan VS Immortal Clan
  • picks:
    • tier 2: storm3tourney1, pro-q3tourney7 (-)
    • tier 3: bal3dm3, 13excave (-)
    • tier 1: overkill (-), q3dm14
  • maps: bal3dm3, storm3tourney1, q3dm14
  • date: Thursday 14 of December of 2023 21:00 CET
  • server: fpsclassico.com:27970
  • gtv: fpsclassico.com:27971
good luck and have fun. do not forget that now in some minutes by 21:15 at the fpsclasico.eu server will take the place the decisive showdown between ass and ilm in a exact rematch of their first encounter this season with several key positions still at play so stay tuned for more.