Could we vote for the next map in the dead of night?

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Re: Could we vote for the next map in the dead of night?

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in case I didn't make it clear enough, I repeat, q3dm10 was reintroduced to the rotation because the whole community voted unanimously on this thread here and pretty much nobody really objected to it (if not the contrary) so it doesn't really much sense now that the same community come back asking to remove a map so desperately asked to be added (i.e. essentially to so desperately ask for more maps just to add more maps and then just a few months later to ask for those same maps to be removed). if you ask me, just as I wrote there, my thoughts are that q3dm10 is just a ok map which is why I initially removed it from the rotation after initial testing on the early setups and found out it wasn't obviously a top pick. that being said, as with other maps considering the rest of the circumstances (that the run is long and the rotation short) my thoughts are that it's still probably better to keep it than to remove it, at the end of the day, I insist that's what people had asked for and what voted for so removing it doesn't really "solve" anything, it just send this back, and even those who want to skip it can just go (fairly) to some of the other servers (UnFreeZe2/glacius/ranked/ffa etc) while allowing the rest who want that map to play it.

@P0rsche you have all that stuff (the competitive events rotation 24/7 and a custom extended one Friday, Sunday and Monday CET nights) on glacius, same IP's just on port 27963 instead. hektik, hub3aeroq3 and those kind of maps are hardcore 1vs1 (duel) maps, that's garbage for normal UnFreeZe team games.

@fau I know, but still the same, no good. if a map is gonna be skipped like 90% of the time, or it's just gonna be skipped a 10% of the time, then there's no much point in voting and the map should either be left or removed.