[video] some frags by cTh

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Re: [video] some frags by cTh

Post by uZu »

Nice vid cthulhu!
Your editing skills got improved and one can see it.
Some really nice frags inside with an overall contents above average action, really nice.
The one negative point if I may is the manual camera moves, it kinda "broke" the smoothness of the vid but hey, that can be an appreciated style either ^^
Anyay, all in all this is a good vid, keep on doing it!
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Re: [video] some frags by cTh

Post by oKo*CTHULHU »

Thanks. I am slowly discovering different options. I know I'm not doing everything perfectly because it's new and time consuming for me. and I realize that this is not the last film of this type, so I can afford some shortcomings. especially since they will be improved in the future. I'm even willing to admit that lately I enjoy it more than the game itself.
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