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Re: fpsclasico teams and clans news

Post by Heero-2b »

1. pls try chatbot and tell him what you want to tell us because it doesn't make 75% sense..

2. so KF got banned, so maybe it's clear isn't it :)

3. so clearly the best team has the best stats, does that seem illogical to you? do you think that when Real Madrid wins the ChL, someone will come and say, Vinicius and Bellingham can't play together.

sorry, but you make us little children that you tell us what to do
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Re: fpsclasico teams and clans news

Post by adminless »

@miro first of all I don't know what that has to do with you now when you have nothing to do with that team (i.e. you're not part of that team). that said, no it's not only a few percent better as I showed with all the stats and as it's obvious to see (as said if you or somebody else believe that bullshit, I insist, I posted years of data as you requested and broke it down, I'm still waiting for somebody to actually teach me some real math and prove for a fact that that's the case given the provided data, until then none of you have anything else to say, the shitshow is over) therefore yes they (I insist, not you, you don't have absolutely anything to do with any of this) will have to remove/replace one of olc/heero/kf by a entry level player and properly register as such in order to be eligible (i.e. to be allowed) to participate in any future events (special included as for special events there's already diamond registered) I might organize here like everyone else, I insist, if nothing significantly changes of course. I insist, this time it's not like I'm banning anybody or anything, matter of fact I'm even encouraging you all (you, miro, included) in getting involved but in a positive and meaningful way that works for the community and more people and instead you are the only ones refusing to do anything else and turning it down. all this drama would have just been avoided and the last event would have been even a lot bigger if loverex would have stuck to lead his Soobshchestvo team for what he will always be honoured at that legendary fifth place win against ass in 2022, heero to carry on with top skilled over team, you (miro) would have joined team community, you (all) would have spawned two teams instead of just teaming all up together in one single team so you would actually compete against each other beside the fourth of January etc etc as I'm telling you the amount of possibilities is vast however you're the only ones effectively declining to do anything else beside basically bullying lesser teams. let's call it the way it's.

@heero dude if you want something say it clearly otherwise it's ok too but don't come here to waste any more of my time with any more non sense, I insist, the shit show it's over. for the rest, kf got just banned from the forum (due repeated continuous non sense/shit talking, crazy-making) until there's another occasion for diamond to participate but once again it's not like I removed kf from your team or anything. I do not establish and/or manage the teams, people is free to do whatever they want, although ultimately I'm also free to decide with who I want to relate to and get involved with as well as it's also my responsibility as organizer to keep toxic people/teams that only bring trouble away from this for a good and meaningful development.

"so clearly the best team has the best stats, does that seem illogical to you?" obviously that was expected, that's why I gave two fucks about (i.e. I didn't react) when you (along with kf) came asking like psychopaths for stats and data and casting doubt that I go by personal reasons because I was quite confident (i.e. it was quite obvious) that the data was clearly going to follow through as it can't be otherwise as you're saying yourself now (therefore what you came asking for here like a psychopath when the answer was known). I insist it was you instead the ones who questioned all that (with kf going as far as even claiming that just without a single of you, you were absolute trash) so at this point all that you have left to do now is to actually teach me some math besides that you don't really have anything else left to tell me and neither I do.
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Re: fpsclasico teams and clans news

Post by PacMan »

fernandinho1337 wrote: Tue Jan 23, 2024 14:38 @adminless I dont understand your last message.

immortal clan is (only) a few percent better in average than the rest of the competition i.e. you require them to swap out one of their top players (heero kf olc). correct or wrong?

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Basically you goto go wtf to balance things out :crazy: