[VIDEO] UnFreeZe VS q3msk [TOP 5 players match]

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Re: UnFreeZe VS q3msk [TOP 5 players match]

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ok, apparently I think I finally got the frozen body spawn bug patched yesterday (which is the only thing that really torments me of the original fight, massive apologies to everybody involved about that absolute disgusting disgrace) so hopefully server should be fully ready and tested now. btw I understand the fau&plumse vs ixsy&korie 2vs2 super fight everybody is talking about is not happening at least not any time soon, right? it doesn't really matter but I think that if at some point someone wanna do and/or continue with some other/more crossover activities at fpsclasico that could be a good starting point to get in touch and evolve things from there given the situation. in fact, I believe probably after that potential match up even a full (and proper/better) rematch could be evaluated at some mid term time (i.e. in some month/months for example) so think about it.