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can I have a requirement?
to restrict access to servers to players with illegal names as " " and to allow access to one UnnamedPlayer simultaneously, not 3 at the time :problem:
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Re: Banned

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blank names are not allowed at the servers already. if you encounter someone with a blank name is because they tried to use a invalid name already and the server force it to be blank. the server does so to distinguish a legit UnnamedPlayers just from some fake nicker or simply someone with a invalid name. as for the UnnamedPlayer overlap well that's a bit unfortunate I know but there's no much options, that's how the game is set by default (i.e. as it comes out of the digital store for example which is the highest possible priority configuration that must be guarantee to completely work at any single time exactly as-is no matter absolutely anything) so you're clearly not gonna leave those guys out (matter of fact as explained those are in fact a priority as a game that can not make any new players is per definition a death game) beside there's even some "known" regulars here that for whatever the reason is they preferred and have chosen to play as unnameds so be it as rename them is not really a option but just a mess (I guess is probably better just respect that/let it be, unless there's a very strong perfectly studied and planned reason not to do so of course, besides I understand it would also be a mess to later check the stats sites and get a ton of random nicks that mean nothing). bottom line, I might consider (more deeply) making some adjustment here and there but overall it's what it's, unlucky.