refreshrate windows 10

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refreshrate windows 10

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i got a problem with my new computer.

i can force 1024x768 120hz in windows. when i start quake 3 in window with 1024x768 120 hz it works. but when i go fullscreen it limits refreshrate to 85hz. has anyone got an idea how to fix that? i read so many guides and i am desperate.

with my old computer i used intel hd graphics and there was an option in the driver to go 120hz all the way but with nvidia it seems troubling.

i am using a 21" crt capable of 120hz.

best regards
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Re: refreshrate windows 10

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tried vsync off in the drivers and r_displayrefresh 120 in quake 3? not sure if that would really do it for you, but I think it's the way to go.
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Re: refreshrate windows 10

Post by fernandinho1337 »

it is really tricky because windows overrides those commands.

i know used a software called CRU and it works. so happy. it took me like 2 hours...

best regards

ps thanks for providing help on any topic! :-)

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