Quake III Arena unofficial 1.33 client patch (ioQuake3)

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Quake III Arena unofficial 1.33 client patch (ioQuake3)

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hello everybody

so I think that as I intended it's finally time to push some client engine update (not to be confused with the client gamemod) then I've just uploaded to the fpsclasico ftp some good old fashioned ioQuake3 builds. you have them for download at the links bellow:

for Windows:

ioQuake3 1.33 Windows 32 bits generic build: ioq3v6.exe
ioQuake3 1.33 Windows 32 bits amd optimized build: ioq3v6-lowend.exe
ioQuake3 1.33 Windows 32 bits intel optimized build: ioq3v6-intel.exe

for linux:

ioQuake3 1.33 Linux generic i586 build: ioq3v6-lowend
ioQuake3 1.33 Linux generic i686 optimized build: ioq3v6

unfortunately I do not have support for mac/andriod. they should work nicely with the UnFreeZe client gamemod at the servers so make sure at least to check them out and as always if you don't like them, ok, np, don't use them, it's just a add on for better performance and fixes.

to install them just download them and place them next to your current quake3 executable (and make sure to accept any unsigned software related warnings if some when you run them). tested on a up-to-date Windows 10 pro laptop and on Fedora 24 x86_64. if you require help for the linux version check this post (here).

well, looks like slowly but we're finally making it to a unfreeze-v1.1-client.zip release haha so I hope that in these days I progress with the server code and I clean up all this and when done I'll package all this in a proper release with intrusions and everything in place (see) so far it will continue like this.

for now I don't see many updates coming for this engine release, sure in the future I'll be looking towards some improvements and some patches here and there but so far (unless catastrophic issue or something) this will remain for some time. anyways if I ever update it the process will be the same as with the dev client gamemod versions (i.e. I'll notice and then REdownload and REplace).

that's all, have fun and feel free to reply or contact me in case you require assistance with this or have suggestions.

disclaimer: this software is covered by a GPL license and is provided as is without any kind of warranty.
source codes: https://ftp.fpsclasico.de/ioq3v6-unfree ... 20.5a/src/