UnFreeZe Client Full (pre)release package

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UnFreeZe Client Full (pre)release package

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eo everybody

ok, after missing the initial "last year" date for a UnFreeZe release finally last days I brought myself to pull off that infamous package I've been talking about for so long already in term for the current "this winter" date. I know this is not that "final" (in fact this is just a prerelease to start with and keep the things going and moving forwards) absolutely "perfect" (which nevertheless no matter what and no matter how long it takes, it will never be anyways) I would have wished for but at least all this files have been running for like a month already without "any" (major) issues so they are tested and thus proven to be pretty much stable and perform even if not "perfectly" at least by a good quality standard which at the end it was basically all that my primary goal for this release, to have some stable files to successfully run at least for like a month without any issues before packaging them in a release and then finally that made this new release a reality.

then in that context like I've been mainly talking about all this time I finally packaged all the relevant files at this forum that you need to experience the UnFreeZe Quake III Arena servers to its fullest in a single unfreeze-client-full-prerelease.zip prerelease package that you only need to download and then extract to start going right from there nothing more is required (well as explained later besides purchase the game, Quake III Arena, itself of course and copy a file from it) so please download yourself the afford mentioned file, unfreeze-client-full-prerelease.zip, and give it a try, it should should work pretty much "out-of-the-box" so finish reading this post and feel free to ask if you still don't get something to work.

this release is specially handy to help the newcomers here to get easily and quickly started but nevertheless even if you're already a long stander here and already have got the separated files I still suggest you to download it yourself and give it a try as I believe that is always good to have another clean and fresh installment of the game just in case and it shouldn't take you any long (i.e. ~5 mins). as hinted this unfreeze-client-full-prerelease.zip contains all the files you need to just download it, extract it (unzip it) and run it from whatever the place is that you extracted it (recommended just in your desktop to have it at hand) besides obviously the Quake III Arena game itself in which it depends so and this here is the important stuff before you can start playing here you must get yourself a copy of the game and copy the original pak0.pk3 file inside it into the baseq3 folder at the place where you extracted the full UnFreeZe client right where there's also a file named put_your_pak0.pk3_file_here and then you'll be finished not need to look everywhere else, download any other thing at all or anything at all, you'll be good to go all that is left is simply navigate into the unfreeze-client-full-prerelease root and double click in the batch file of your choice, currently there's four options two targeted at amd processors and other two at intel processors for each server (i.e. UnFreeZe1 and UnFreeZe2).

regarding the afford mentioned needed pak0.pk3 file know that you can find it either at your Quake III Arena cd as well as your steam (or any other) digital game distribution platform installment, the typical routes and details for this file are as follow:

Code: Select all


usual installation location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Quake III Arena\baseq3\pak0.pk3
usual steam location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Quake 3 Arena\baseq3\pak0.pk3
usual cd location: D:\Quake3\baseq3\pak0.pk3

file size: 479493658 bytes (457.28 MiB)

md5sum: 1197ca3df1e65f3c380f8abc10ca43bf
sha1sum: 9d588ea65e92944d3e23eeb6ec08f1dd666f4658
sha256sum: 7ce8b3910620cd50a09e4f1100f426e8c6180f68895d589f80e6bd95af54bcae
sha512sum: ac7b8a6c4a5e9a90d44ae3d4fb854473c5b80b7bf448c6ceaf5b48b69abc6be7a2a83eb4cc6b7dfa54e75d8273841786db14f4c6e8a2b0ecf5ffe27d6f657622
if you can't seem to find it be it because you installed the game in some odd location or whatever you can always just ask cortana for it (i.e. search for it in your computer) and at last if you still can't seem to find it or this file is damaged/corrupted first know that if you got a digital copy (i.e. steam) you can just redownload it as many times as you want/need and at last if you legally owned the game and everything else fails or you simply want to know if this game is still really of your interest before spending your money on it you can always just ask a friend for this file but bear in mind about this last option that is in no way supported here so it's totally only your own business, don't personally ask me or ask in the forums about such manners (ask your friend about that) because you'll just get ignored at best (if not banned because of that at worst if it's a serious offense).

finally to make it simply by now and doesn't mess the new guys with "unnecessary" files I just made this a Windows x86 release only is possible that on the future I add i386 linux support within the UnFreeZe client full package by now linux users can just get the very same unfreeze-client-full-prerelease.zip package, extract it and then get the ioquake3.i686 binary and with minor tweaks (ex. echo './ioquake3.i686 +set fs_homepath . +set fs_game unfreeze +connect server.unfreeze.ga 2>/dev/null' > UnFreeZe1 && sh UnFreeZe1) get it going from there. in addition if you also got the steam version of the game you can even get yourself the needed pak0.pk3 with the linux steamcmd tool (ex. ./steamcmd.sh +@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType windows +login my_steam_user +force_install_dir quake3 +app_update 2200 validate +quit) and you'll be good to go, no need to do any other thing. if you require further linux assistance you can have a look at this thread here about running the game or simply make a topic about your concern.

and that's all by now hope everything is alright for you, in the middle term (i.e. next season somewhere in the spring/summer) I'll be looking forward to polish and complete this package, I know that there's still lot left to do principally at the provided ioQuake3 1.33 binaries that are pretty much stock and that as I finish with updating the server into 2018 builds/environments (currently working on that as I write this) and make sure that everything is going fine, I'll start working with, as well as the documentation (or just even a "README" at all with at least the basics instructions) that I know that is missing altogether (so far you can consider this post and forum as well as "me" as the "documentation") unfortunately I believe that even with all this things still left is better to have this current (pre)release a reality than a unrealistically "complete" release that is that, it would probably never ending up being a reality.