Rules sumary upon startup/unclean client detected

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Re: Rules sumary upon startup/unclean client detected

Post by imprecise »

@NoobKilla Hello and welcome :wave:

For the side buttons on your mouse, you just need to add the lines below to your ioq3config.cfg file in your Unfreeze folder

bind MOUSE4 "weapprev" ==> Weapon previous
bind MOUSE5 "weapnext" ==> Weapon next


bind MOUSE4 "weapon 5" ==> Rocket Gun
bind MOUSE5 "weapon 7" ==> Rail Gun

You can of course replace weapprev, weapnext, weapon 5, weapon 7 with the weapons or actions of your choice...

If your mouse has more than 5 buttons you can continue with :

Bind MOUSE6 "your choice"
Bind MOUSE7 "your choice"

My advice for the installation of one of the packages proposed by Adminless on is to install it at the root of C:\ (example C:\ioq3v6-unfreeze-client-v23.5 or C:\fpsclasico-client-community-edition) which should avoid many conflicts with the previous installation of Quake III from the original CD which in theory is in C:\ProgramFiles\Quake III\Baseq3...

Don't forget to create a shortcut to launch the fpsclassico Unfreeze package exe directly...

Enjoy the game

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Re: Rules sumary upon startup/unclean client detected

Post by adminless »

yes you can even "install" them (i.e. extract them/put them) on a pendrive for a portable installation to carry with you and it will just work on the go. also for the shortcuts things like ioq3v6 +connect for example will go a long way to just directly connect to the main server without having to go through the menus/waste any time. just double click and directly spawn in the game in 1-3 secs.
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Re: Rules sumary upon startup/unclean client detected

Post by NoobKilla »

@imprecise Thanks bro, I feel really good at your forum. Well, you're a bit late, we already have sorted out everything. The reason why mouse buttons didn't work is because I wasn't aware the configuration file was returned to default and all my binding were lost, that was it. As for the package, it's already installed in clear folder pak0.pk3 copied, there's no warning anymore, no errors in console, all is good. I guess you missed that reply of mine.

@adminless yes, that what I'm working on now. AI that will start everything for me before I wake up so I can just jump out of my bed and play with you straight away, zero seconds lost.