FreeFUn server switched back to full time UnFreeZe mode

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FreeFUn server switched back to full time UnFreeZe mode

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hello everybody

well, opening this thread here basically just to report that finally the original FreeFUn server (i.e. the UnFreeZe deathmatch variation) has been soon reversed to full time UnFreeZe mode after just one month as it was clear that it wasn't going anywhere and having that second UnFreeZe server definitively comes in handy to ensure that there's enough slots for everybody during those random occasional player overload spikes and to secure a alternative room in case of need or issues with the main one so from now onward the secondary server will remain as "UnFreeZe2".

to do not throw away any more time unnecessarily on this and since I had already made all the preparations I'll just keep it as "FreeFUn" although it will in reality run on UnFreeZe mode full time, this will also apparently help balancing out the load avoiding that randoms get confused among them. in addition at peak times when it detects a overload it will dynamically switch to UnFreeZe squatted mode (a.k.a. UnFreeZe:27961) to help the main server and secure that spot. it has already been running like this for a couple of days without problems so I don't think that there should be any major issues with it but anyways just as with the UnFreeZe2 server if it really interferes with the main server I'll simply switch it back to deathmatch, put random custom maps on it (old style), password it or just do whatever any other random stuff I come up with at the time about it.

so that's it, it's really unfortunate FreeFUn didn't make it either, specially for the long run (as it would bring that variety you actually already had asked me for), but that's how things are, it ran for around a month and it only really catch the eye of a couple of random guys that were never really going to grow anything and it was quite obvious that things were just going even more downwards from there. anyways if on the future people still feel like this I can still give this a try (as it's not much of a deal, just change a couple of cvars) but so far with this I can confirm now that there's no more any plans for another Quake III Arena mod, variation, server or anything related with that at all, all that has to be done was already done (custom maps, different servers, different settings and so on), so all that will come next is just keep and maintain UnFreeZe to the full extend, nothing more.

see you